I was recommended the This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas a few years ago by a couple of my coworkers.  They told me if I was a fan of romances with some edge to them then I would appreciate these books.  I wasn't sure at first because I felt these weren't anything like the books that... Continue Reading →


Second Sunday Series – February

I have been slacking on my series posts - I don't know that I've done one since November.  So this month we're featuring one of my absolute favorites; I stumbled across it in high school when a friend of mine brought one of her mom's books into gym class (I was NOT very athletic so... Continue Reading →


I was originally going to feature a different series this month for our Second Sunday Series, but I started reading a new Tiffany Snow series towards the middle of October and I've been hooked.  The Corrupted Hearts series is just so amazing, gripping, and thrilling that I couldn't stop and I knew I'd have to post... Continue Reading →


This month we are looking at Author L.A. Casey's Slater Brother series.  Currently there are 4 books & 4 companion novellas that are published.  Unlike the other series that I have posted on SECOND SUNDAY SERIES, this one is not complete.  Which is great because that means we can read more of the Slater Brothers,... Continue Reading →


For July - I'm featuring a series that I've already mentioned before but it bears showing up on the blog again - The Fixed Series by Laurelin Paige.  I reviewed Chandler back when it was released in September but I just love this whole series.  The relationship between Alayna and Hudson is one of my favorites... Continue Reading →


For June we're going back to another series that I read as a child.  The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis is one of those series that I read as a child (I believe I was in elementary school) and I may not have quite understood the deeper metaphors that were present in the... Continue Reading →

Second Sunday Series – May

So in honor of Mother's Day (to all the mothers out there - hope you get as spoiled today as you deserve) I'm featuring a series written by an author that my mother & I both share as a favorite. I stumbled across this because a coworker of mine is a big fan of the... Continue Reading →

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