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2019 in review & 2020 so far..

Ok so I know it is pretty far into the month to be doing a review of how 2019 went for me, but I needed to spend some time just recuperating from the holiday stress – which turned into a few weeks so here we are!

2019 was a very eventful year, and a lot of it was not good eventful. I started a new job – one that I have been wanting to get into for years – and it was everything I expected it to be; I absolutely love it! But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t stressful.. I ended up almost cutting the blog off completely while I adjusted and I even stopped reading as much. I thought if I spent all my time focusing on work and my studies then it would happen faster. Which it may – but it will also make me not look forward to it as much, which we don’t want. Biggest take away from 2019 was I need some balance. I won’t cut out books & my blog completely, but it won’t be as big of a focus for me as it was when I first started. At least while I finish up these tests – then once I have passed them I won’t have to worry about taking them again and can let that pressure & stress go!

So for 2020 I set, what I believe is, a realistic reading goal for myself : 100 books. That’s about 8.5 books a month which is much MUCH less than the 20ish I was reading before. I think this goal will also help me choose more diverse books, because I will know my reading time isn’t going to be extensive so I’ll try to get some different types & genres in that 100 books. Another few things I’ve decided to set for myself for the year – 1: I want at least one book a year to be a non-fiction book. My library has an extensive non-fiction section that I’ve hardly even ventured into, so I’d like to tap into that resource and see what they have. 2: I’d like to read books I own. Yes I am that stereotypical bookworm who buys books knowing she has books at home she has purchased and hasn’t read. In order to help with that – I found this reading challenge on An Intentional Life, specifically designed to help you read down your own book collection. Like the creator of this challenge – I buy so many books throughout the year that my collection of owned books that haven’t been read is crazy high. So at least one of my books each month will be one I own – and I figured following these prompts she came up with would be a fun twist. The link is below in case you want to go check out her post talking about it yourself 🙂

So that all that being said – I am excited to find that balance between all work and all play that I wasn’t able to find in prior years. I think 2020 is going to be an exciting year and I can’t wait to see what happens!


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