Hello Fall & Colder Weather

Hello my friends!

Whew – that is all I can say.. since my last post I have been going at 150% and today is the first time I feel like I can really breathe.  I have been focusing on studying and surviving my first busy season with work and I haven’t had any spare time to just be; anyone else ever feel like that? In addition to that first busy season being under my belt, I have come to the realization that these tests may take me longer than my original goal of 12 months. I still plan to have them all done by the end of 2020 though.  Unfortunately that means I have not and will most like not be spending much time reading at all.  So I have very little book related news to share with y’all at the moment.  I have, however, joined a monthly book club so that I will still be reading – at least one book a month.  They are encouraging us to bring in suggestions – so if you have read any good books lately, let me know!  Doesn’t matter which genre – this is an equal opportunity book club 🙂 

This month’s book is The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff; I just started it and I can tell it’s going to be thoroughly enjoyed.  Have any of you read this?  If so what are your thoughts about it?

In other news – I have rearranged my home office to a manner that will help boost my creativity, so that when I have time to read or write it will be perfectly set up for that purpose! I also plan on trying to update more often, even if it’s just to say ‘hey still swimming in study materials over here but I haven’t forgotten you’.  I have goals for both my professional life but also this blog.  I can’t wait until I can get back to spending the time I want/need to on here.

Lastly – my favorite season has finally arrived here in the Raleigh area! Woke up this morning to beautiful cooler weather with bright sunshine, and the high today is only going to be in the 60s, which is my exact definition of the perfect day. I can’t wait to get out on my patio to enjoy the outdoors. Who says studying has to be inside?

That is all for now.  Until next time…



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