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Check out this Cover Reveal for Free to Believe – coming soon from Tracey Jerald

Release Date: April 17, 2019

Cover Design: Amy Queau – QDesign




In the wake of a broken engagement, Emily Freeman is left to sew together the pieces of her life. A single phone call changes her future from bleak acceptance to overwhelming opportunity.

Her family can’t help her find her artistic spirit — something she needs now more than ever. Desperate for rejuvenation, Em goes on a journey to find herself.
Only she finds so much more…

Jacob Madison has never regretted walking away from pursuing music professionally since the moment his daughter was put in his arms. Jake needs time to get back on an even beat with her now that she’s a teenager. But soon he finds himself face-to-face with a woman who stirs fires deep inside despite her icy demeanor.

Nothing is what it seems…
For Em to achieve her wildest dreams, she’ll have to conquer her two biggest fears — love and death. And she’ll have to do both while protecting those she loves from the hardest thing imaginable.






I’m no longer tethered down by the weight of Bryan and all of his ensuing crap, egocentric brides who feel it’s their life mission to drain me one snide argument at a time, or even the burden of love. Because as much as I love my family, and God knows I do, the unwritten obligation I placed on myself so long ago, I just can’t handle right now.

I need to be Emily.

I need to find my way back to the girl who lost herself for hours inside of her head with nothing but her imagination to stop her. I have to find my own happiness again. With myself. If all I’m going to be left with in this world is me, I’d better know I like her a lot.

After hours of doing nothing but driving and absorbing the nuances of the island, I use my GPS to navigate back to the house. Parking in front of the garage door where I found the evil bike, I turn down the music before I roll up the windows. Hopefully Mugsy will be ready to go out so we can go for a quick walk and I can come back and drink a glass of wine. Humming completely off-key to Sara Bareilles, I’m reaching for my purse when there’s a harsh knock on my window. Jumping, I turn and see Jake’s infuriated face.

Exasperated, I open the car door. “What is your problem?”

“Where the hell have you been?”

“Nowhere.” I shrug. It’s the truth. I’ve been nowhere and everywhere. It’s been glorious.

“Are you supposed to be driving on that leg?” he demands.

“Um, I use the right leg for the pedals. Can’t see that it’s a problem.” Sliding out, I start to move by him, but he hooks my arm. My eyes widen at the intensity on his face. “I suggest letting me go.”

“We were worried about you.” I feel a warmth inside, a small glow, but I ruthlessly squash it.


“Because you’re injured?”

I shake my head. “Your doctor cleared me.”

“Yeah,” he replies menacingly. “I called him earlier and he mentioned you had a friend drop off your car.”

I cluck my tongue in mock annoyance. “Dr. Fischer is rather chatty, isn’t he.”

Jake starts moving forward. I retreat in automatic response. “How about next time letting someone know where the hell you’re going?”

I laugh in his face. “I’m accountable to exactly no one here.”

“Really?” Brown eyes bore into mine incredulously.

“Yep. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” I start to move past him but find myself spun around and pressed into the rough cedar wood of the garage.

“No, I don’t think I will.” He glares down at me as his heaving chest moves up and down against my breasts, which are sensitized due to the heady combination of the sexiness of the man in front of me, the allure of the ocean air, and the crackling antagonism between us.

And before I can offer up even the slightest protest, out of nowhere Jake’s lips cover mine. Whether it’s out of a combination of fear, anger, or something else, I just don’t know.

And my heart is pounding out of my chest at his bold maneuver.

I just got out of one relationship where I hated the man by the end, and suddenly I’m being kissed by a man I barely know but can barely get off my mind.

Abruptly, the freedom I experienced earlier is gone as I’m driven headlong into a vortex of confused emotions. Jake’s mouth eats at mine in what may be the most overwhelming embrace I’ve ever experienced.

With a small sound, I wrap my arms around his neck and allow myself to be sucked under like a riptide takes everything in its path.



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Free to Dream – Book 1 – FREE until 3/22

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Free to Run – Book 2

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Free to Rejoice – Book 3

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Free to Breathe – Book 4

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About the Author


Tracey Jerald knew she was meant to be a writer when she would re-write the ending of books in her head on her bike when she was a young girl growing up in southern Connecticut. It wasn’t long before she was typing alternate endings and extended epilogues “just for fun”.

After college in Florida, where she obtained a degree in Criminal Justice swearing she saw things she’ll never quite believe and never quite forget, Tracey traded the world of law and order for IT. Her work for a world-wide internet startup transferred her to Northern Virginia where she met her husband in what many call their own happily ever after. They have one son. When she’s not busy with her family or writing, Tracey can be found in her home in north Florida drinking coffee, reading, training for a runDisney event, or feeding her addiction to HGTV.  

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