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Our first Review of the year & it is a good one – Plane Jane and the Hit Man by Tmonique Stephens

Trained by the best in the business, Emmet Streeter is nobody’s babysitter, until his mentor’s secret daughter needs a bodyguard. She’s everything he doesn’t want: mouthy, obstinate, temperamental, and untouchable. So why can’t he keep his hands off her?

The unwanted daughter of a hitman, Bailey Monroe has kept a low profile until Emmet barges into her life. He’s a killer sent to protect her from a killer. She’s intrigued instead of terrified by his cold eyes, hard face, and his deadly aim.

A carbon copy of the father she hates, she has every reason to fear Emmet, but desire grows in the strangest places under the strangest circumstances.

She shouldn’t trust him, shouldn’t sleep with him and definitely shouldn’t follow him into the jaws of hell to save a father who never loved her.



About the Book

Plain Jane and the Hitman
by Tmonique Stephens

The Plain Jane Series

Contemporary Romance
Romantic Suspense


Publication Date
January 1, 2019

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Our Thoughts ..

Bailey has lived her life with the knowledge that her father didn’t care for her – or so she thought. All of a sudden she finds herself kidnapped from a relaxing Jamaican vacation by her father’s protege’ – who is adamant that her father cares about her life and is willing to do whatever necessary to protect her. She doesn’t know what to believe : years of experience with her father popping in and out of her life at random moments, or the very stubborn and very dominant man who has been tasked with keeping her safe, by the very man who cast her aside?

I have never previously read anything by author Tmonique Stephens but when I read the description of this book I knew it was something that would be able to catch my interest. This book has plenty of suspense and explosive action to keep even the most distracting minds focused on the story. The relationship between Emmet and Bailey is an almost instant connection but there is plenty for them to work through together before it becomes more than just a roll in the hay. Watching (or reading I guess) the Hero & heroine work through trust and commitment issues together will tug at your heartstrings; seeing them work together to keep each other alive in multiple life or death situations will make your adrenaline race. This book is listed at 247 pages on Goodreads so it may seem like a quick read, but it is a book that you can really delve into and have plenty of time to enjoy the punches that are packed into the pages. At the end of the book the author hints at more of Emmet & Bailey’s story – and I can’t wait to see what else this author comes out with. Overall – I give it 4.5 stars & I think it’s an excellent book to start the year with on the blog.

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About Tmonique Stephens

TMONIQUE STEPHENS writes passionate novels about Fallen Angels seeking redemption, Egyptian demi-gods finding their powers and average girls landing the hot guys. In her world, Passion Changes Everything!

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