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Here’s our review for Ribbon of Light by Claire Yezbak Fadden!

Ribbon of Light

Begin Again Series, Book 3
by Claire Yezbak Fadden
Publication Date: September 13, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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Julie Rafferty’s life-long dream is within her grasp. But just as the toy company she founded verges on becoming a multi-million-dollar enterprise, her husband abandons their marriage.

Trevor had no choice but to walk away from Julie. How else could he show his wife that the business was her priority, not him and their three children? His drastic stunt backfires though, jeopardizing the family business and seemingly pushes Julie into the arms of a younger man.

Just when Julie and Trevor find their way back to each other, a ruthless competitor escalates a bogus lawsuit. Together they plot to reclaim control of the toy company, only to uncover a shattering betrayal that puts them in unimaginable danger.

Can they overcome their dreadful mistake and reclaim the passion, trust and commitment that once drew them together? Or will the greed of an evil man irreparably destroy everything they hold dear?

Our Thoughts

Julie’s dream is within her grasp when her company is hit with a lawsuit that threatens to bring it tumbling down. On top of that, her husband Trevor has realized the only way for her to see how far she’s put him on her priorities list is to leave her. Julie feels her entire life falling apart and she isn’t sure how to rise above it all. It’s one hit after another to her ‘perfect life’ image and just when she thinks she’s got it all figured out – the biggest betrayal comes out. She realizes she needs to take a lead out of her mother’s book and turn to her faith to help her through the most difficult time of her life…

I had never read anything by author Claire Yezbak Fadden, and even though this is the third book in a series, I think it was a great place for my introduction to this author. This was not that quick of a read for me – Amazon has it listed at 213 pages – but there is a lot of information packed into those pages. It took me a good day to get through the book, but it was like a breath of fresh air. It was different from what I usually read in the sense that it wasn’t focused on the romance story – it was focused on this working woman finding a balance between family & work and realizing that she can’t do it all alone. I really enjoyed this and I liked the author’s work so much I am going to grab a copy of the first two books in the series.

About Claire Yezbek Fadden

When she’s not playing with her granddaughters, Pennsylvania native Claire Yezbak Fadden is writing contemporary women’s fiction. Her books feature strong women who overcome life’s challenges, always putting their families first. There’s a special spot in Claire’s heart for carousel horses – quite possibly the result of watching “Mary Poppins” 13 times as a young girl. She loves butterflies, ladybugs and confetti! Just ask anyone who’s received a birthday card from her. The mother of three lives in Orange County, California with her husband, Nick and three spoiled dogs. Claire’s work as an award-winning journalist, humor columnist and editor has appeared in more than 100 publications across the United States, Canada and Australia. Ribbon of Light is the third novel in her Begin Again series.

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