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Here’s our Review if Moon Promise – the first Wild Pack book by Carmen Fox

Private eye by day. Alpha by nature.

All her life, Kensi has dreamed of being an alpha werewolf. The trouble is, she can’t shift. And she’s tried everything: meditation, mind-expanding drugs, even squeezing real hard. Despite her lack of success, she’s not giving up. Her plan B? Offering her talents as a private eye to the Wild Pack. If she can locate their missing werewolf, they’re bound to support her claim to lead.

Dominant, stubborn and searing hot Drake is assigned to be her guide, and he’s just too damn good at his job. His hard chest bumps into her as he stalks her every move, while his mercury eyes watch her all the time, tearing down her defenses bit by bit. Maybe she got it wrong and being an alpha isn’t the only thing she wants.

But when the missing girl turns up dead, Drake’s story unravels. Putting her ambitions on the line, Kensi sets out to prove whether the man she loves is as innocent as she hopes—or as guilty as she fears.

About the Book

Moon Promise
by Carmex Fox

The Wild Pack Book One
*Each installment is a standalone HEA with no cliffhanger.

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance

Smart Heart Publishing

Publication Date
June 5, 2018

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My Thoughts

Kensi is a princess and future alpha with a deep secret. She works as a private investigator by day so when another wolf pack asks for her help locating a missing wolf, she hesitantly accepts. Drake is assigned to be her guide through the unfamiliar community – meaning he sticks to her side every waking moment. Spending that much time with him leads to feelings that she wasn’t prepared for & the more time she spends with Drake, the more worried Kensi becomes that he may learn her secret – that she is a dud. The perk of taking the case, though, is that the location is very close to a plethora of knowledge that will help her uncover the secret of her mother’s lineage and possibly answer the question of why she hasn’t shifted yet – and the answer to that question surprises her the most.

I had never read a book by author Carmen Fox before this one but I do love a good shifter romance book. I was very intrigued how this one would compare to other favorites I have in the paranormal/shifter romance genre – and I was not disappointed. The author manages to capture the intense chemistry between the two beautifully and I really appreciated how she brought together two very dominant individuals who are constantly butting heads. The book was a decent length and is told from Kensi’s POV; the mystery builds nicely until the conclusion and resolution. The mystery was not predictable either – I think I personally was shocked at the conclusion, having suspected one person the whole book and finding out it was another. There were a couple moments where the story dragged a bit and then later felt a tad bit rushed but the story was still easily followed and enjoyed. Overall I was a fan of this book and can’t wait to see what else I can find from the author. I would recommend it to any of my shifter romance fan friends.

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About Carmen Fox

USA Today Bestselling Author CARMEN FOX lives in the south of England with her beloved tea maker and a stuffed sheep called Fergus. She writes about smart women with sassitude and guys with an edge, and will chase that plot twist, no matter how elusive.

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