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Off-Screen by Josephine Traynor is now available!

Release Date: July 12, 2018

Cover Design: K Creative Design




On screen, they are lovers, off-screen, they aren’t even friends.

I’m the reason Restless Times is the number-one rating show. This role should have been my dreams coming true, instead, my co-star Harrison Harvey has made it a living nightmare. His thirst for notoriety ends up putting both our jobs on the line. The man is my nemesis and he has no idea how much he owns my heart.

Restless Times is successful only because of me. Any other female lead could step in and it would still be a ratings winner. Riley is nothing but a conniving, high maintenance pain in my arse. While we clash on every level, I can’t deny my love for her. The other problem is, it’s also shrouded in hate.




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My Thoughts

Riley and Harrison are really good at acting like they don’t hate each other. Playing on-screen lovers with your worst nightmare is an impressive feat; until you find out the pranks and bickering might cost their careers.  Forced to stay together in a small cabin while filming brings out so many secrets and feelings – but will they still be strong when the worst comes out?

I had not previously read anything by Josephine Traynor so I was going in eagerly with an open mind.  The Hero and heroine of this story were very similar in personalities and they way they acted reminded me of how school age kids will be mean to each other when they have crushes/feelings.  I think they statement may come across as a negative but I don’t intend it to; I very much enjoyed the interaction between the characters. They pulled so many emotions from me while I was reading their story – I laughed at their antics, I was sad at their struggles, and I got made when they kept hiding secrets. I think the author wrote a book that a lot of readers will find realistic and some might even relate to. The length was perfect for a day read and the pacing was steady; there were a few times were timings didn’t quite make sense and I had to reread a section but it all came together after the reread (that also might be because I tend to read rather quickly and can sometimes miss things the first time through). All in all I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend to others


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About the Author


So quick things about me …

Josephine is her favourite girl’s name.
Traynor comes from Will Traynor of Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You.

With those powers combined, I have created Josephine Traynor.
I write contemporary romance with a few laughs about love.
I also write spicier stories and I’m super excited to share my writing with the world.


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