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REVIEW of High Hopes by Sue Lilley



High Hopes by Sue Lilley

Published Date: April 18, 2016

My Rating: 4 Stars

Length: 209 Pages



IMG_2204“It was one stolen night. He was my soulmate and I’d never felt more alive. I couldn’t tell him I got pregnant. It would’ve ruined everything. But now his daughter wants to meet him and I need to make things right.” Another tear escaped down her cheek. “Everybody’s going to hate me.”

Three friends are rocked when a 20-year secret blows their world apart. Steamy, passionate, and unpredictable. If you like sizzling love triangles you won’t want to miss it.

Grace has kept her heart-breaking secret for twenty years – a love child she gave up for adoption. She was a penniless student – how could she raise a baby alone? Then she receives a letter out of the blue. Her long-lost daughter is searching for answers.

Her two best friends are married and don’t know one of them is the girl’s father. If Grace confesses now, the marriage will be destroyed and it will surely be the end of their lifelong friendship. But what choice does Grace have?

Set in the wilds of Poldark-country – the stormy cliffs and windswept beaches of picturesque Cornwall – an engrossing saga filled with suspense, simmering jealousy and heartbreak. Can a future be built on the quicksand of secrets and lies? Surely there can be no second chances when three friends discover they don’t know each other at all.



I had never read a Sue Lilley book before but I thoroughly enjoyed this read.  It was not a very long read, coupled with the fast paced story content, and it was a fairly quick read.  It seemed by the synopsis that this book would bring my emotions into play and it surely did.

Of the three friends I absolutely loved Grace’s characters, Sam got on my nerves and Dixie just struck me as misunderstood.  The relationship between Grace and Dixie seemed very false but because there were a lot of secrets.  I think Dixie let the jealousy overtake her and it made her insecure in the friendship.  I did like how the author almost perfectly represented what struggles a pair of female friends go through.  It was very emotional to read the internal struggles that Grace went through – both in the past and in the present.  This will definitely tug at your heart strings and you’ll be rooting for a happy ending for this trio.  If you haven’t read Sue Lilley yet, I highly recommend this one; it’s such a great story.



IMG_2205Described as an exciting new voice in Women’s Fiction, Sue Lilley lives in the north east of England, when she isn’t escaping somewhere else in her imagination. She is often found eavesdropping for inspiration. Her first two novels were well received. Another Summer is “an alluring example of its genre”. High Hopes is “a story that holds immense appeal for readers who like plots containing sizzling love triangles.” She is hard at work on her third novel.

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