Book Review

Finally got a chance to read ‘Fierce Obsessions’ by Suzanne Wright & I’m in love!


(Phoenix Pack series #6)

Published: June 13, 2017
Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance
Length: 306 Pages
My Rating: 4.5 Stars


fierce obsessions



I have been in love with the men of the Phoenix Pack since I first read Feral Sins almost 2 years ago. Suzanne Wright knows exactly how to achieve the hottest alpha males- hot enough to melt my kindle.

This follows the story of Tao and Riley, two unlikely companions thrown together unexpectedly. I have been ready to read Tao’s story since the first time I read about him in Feral Sins. He is such a fiercely loyal man that I knew his mating was going to be a great read. When we first met Riley I was not sure that she was going to stick around long enough to hook up with anyone, let alone mate. Somehow together they prove to be a perfect match; Tao’s determination and persistence match up perfectly with Riley’s stubbornness and independence.

I don’t want to spoil the ending. But if you have previously read a book by Suzanne Wright then you know that her books are always full of romance, action and suspense. She has written this pack full of different personalities, and even though this book focuses on Riley and Tao, the reader gets to see and interact with so many other personalities. This makes the book very much well-rounded and even more interesting for the reader. The pace of the book isn’t rushed by any means (there are so many details in there I read a couple chapters twice to take it all in) but the book is so enthralling to the reader that you will be able to read for hours and not realize it. This is sixth in the series but you do no necessarily HAVE to read them in order. However you will have all the history of the pack members if you do. If you have read Suzanne Wright’s books before then you will be very pleased with this book – it’s everything we’ve come to expect and hope for from the author. If you haven’t read her work – might I suggest you start because you are missing out.


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