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BOOK REVIEW: Anaconda & Mr. Fiance’ by Lauren Landish

These are two standalone books by author Lauren Landish but since they are related, rather than making two separate posts – I am joining them together in one.

Anaconda by Lauren Landish

Published: March 25, 2017
Genre: Romance
My Rating: 4.5 Stars



They say size doesn’t matter…


Brianna and Gavin are definitely not a couple that you would necessarily picture together – but the author managed to fit them in such a way that you knew they were going to end up together (even if you hadn’t read the note that this was a guaranteed HEA).  Brianna is this sweet, shy, woman who is just trying to make her way through college while working as a maid at a hotel.

Gavin is a former football player who is just trying to move on from the internet fame he got from an incident; they meet by chance – in a rather humorous way if you ask me – and from then neither one of them can forget the other.  It’s sweet to see the rich & famous fall in love with the humble, girl next door type.

The author gave a disclaimer up front that this would have a HEA so it was expected.  But the journey to the end was so much fun; there were ups and downs for both characters and the supporting cast (Mindy in particular – you’ll meet her in Mr. Fiance’) help make the story even more relatable – if that’s even possible when it’s about a professional football player turned actor falling for a shy girl in a small little town.  If you haven’t read a Lauren Landish book, then I think this would be a great one to start with.  The chemistry is off the charts, the love is sweet & dirty, and the story is heartwarming.



Mr. Fiance’ by Lauren Landish

Published: May 19, 2017
Genre: Romance
My Rating: 4.5 Stars


mr. fianceSYNOPSIS


We met Mindy in Anaconda; she is Brianna’s best friend so if you had read Anaconda you already had a brief look at Mindy’s fun personality.  If you didn’t read Anaconda before this one – well you are in for a treat.  Mindy is fun, has no filter but is so easy to like; I think if she were an actual person she could possibly be my best friend.

This book follows her, and her fake relationship with Oliver Steele.  From the very first moment that the author introduced his character I knew he was going to be one of those men that you can’t help but love – no matter how arrogant he may be.  He comes across as someone who doesn’t play by the rules, so when he agrees to pose as Mindy’s fiance’ you already know there are going to be moments of head butting between the two of them.

As is usual with most fake relationship/engagement stories – these two don’t manage to keep their feelings out of the deal; feelings start to develop between the two of them and then things seem to get pushed a bit too far.  As a hopeless romantic I was very comforted by the authors disclaimer of no cliffhangers & a HEA ending; it seems kind of like cheating to know the story will end happily, but it’s also a comfort to know while reading.  The book was a rather quick read; the content was so fun I didn’t want to put the book down (but unfortunately, the real world called a few times).  It was also fun to catch up with Gavin & Brianna from Anaconda.  This is a standalone so you do not have to read Anaconda before you read this one.  You will still love every minute of it.


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