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Book Review- A War Like Ours by Saffron A. Kent & a GIVEAWAY!

A War Like Ours

by Saffron A Kent
Publication Date: February 24, 2017
My Rating: 4 Stars
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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A liar…

Three weeks ago, James Maxwell’s wife died in a car accident, but he hasn’t been able to tell his five-year old daughter the heartbreaking truth behind her mother’s death. Instead, he packs them up and leaves for a summer resort in upstate New York to spend a few peaceful weeks and to gradually break the news. But a spirited and outspoken maid at the resort has figured out his secret.

A hater…

After witnessing her mother’s violent death at the hands of her stepfather, Madison Smith has turned aimless and bitter toward the world—men, in particular. Her dead-end job at the local resort and her convenient girlfriend barely keep Madison from falling apart. When she meets James, however, she’s driven to protect his child from the darkness she sees inside him.

A forbidden kiss…

But Madison doesn’t expect to find that very darkness irresistible. Drowning in guilt and memories, neither does James expect to be drawn to the sharp-witted woman who has made his life miserable. When their tempers flare, a brutal kiss triggers a need that blurs the lines of hate and desire. As their lust spins out of control, they must decide if their attraction is worth fighting for or if love is the real enemy.

Please Note: This book is intended for mature audience. 18+ ONLY.


I have never read a book by this author yet so I wasn’t sure what I should expect but I was blown away.  She wrote such a good romance story with some dark aspects to it.  I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the book but the more I read the more I realized I couldn’t put it down.  

This story follows Madison and James; Madison is currently in a relationship and has a strong disposition towards men (based on watching her mother in multiple failed relationships with men), and James is still mourning and trying to figure out how to tell his daughter that her mother has died.  As time goes by they develop their own sort of relationship that doesn’t seem to be the healthiest of options for either of them.  But together, they encourage each other to grow – both as a unit and individually and what they have ends up being beautiful.  

So, at first the characters gave me reason to be alarmed.  They both are clearly haunted by demons from their past and they are both ‘not normal’; the habits they have of dealing with their stress and their pasts is not at all healthy.  I’ve always thought (and been told) that if an individual is damaged in some way then they have no hopes of a successful relationship if they don’t fix themselves first.  This book kind of took that and spun it around.  If two people are haunted, or twisted, individually can they not grow together to overcome any past hurts and ghosts?  You can tell that James doesn’t really know what to do about his demons, and Madison almost doesn’t seem to thing she can grow from hers- especially not for man.  But they surprise you.  This author definitely kept me guessing the entire book and I really enjoyed the journey.  

About Saffron A. Kent

Romance Writer and Reader. Coffee Addict. White Russian Drinker. Imaginary Ballet Dancer. Wanna-be Poet. Lana Del Ray & Gillian Flynn Worshiper.

My stories are grey-shaded and NC-17. I write what I love to read. And what I love to read is always twisted and angsty and emotional. My characters desperately need therapy. They tend to kiss a lot too, among other naughty things.

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