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Review: Whatever It Takes by Gabi Moore

Whatever It Takes by Gabi Moore

Bad Boys After Dark #8
Published: February 12, 2017
Genre: Romance, Future Sci-Fi
My Rating: 4.5 Stars



She’s still as beautiful as I remember, but she hates my guts… and I don’t blame her.  


I blame myself for what happened to Emily.

I should have been there for her… but I wasn’t. Others would have killed for the offer I was given, so I took the opportunity by the horns.

But it cost me everything.

It cost me her.

But now I have a second chance. She’s still as beautiful as I remember, but she hates my guts… and I don’t blame her.

I’ll never forget that night we spent together under the stars, a lifetime ago when we were both still horny kids. But does she still remember?


I love reading Gabi Moore books because she always manages to write a great story with drama and romance.  I always get excited for her next book because I know it’s going to be good and worth the read.

This book follows the story of Felix and Emily.  They become close while in college and fall in love.  Then Felix chooses a mission to mars and there is no promise he will return.  Their relationship ends before he leaves and – I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just say Emily goes through a rough patch and when they are reconnected she isn’t anything like the girl Felix used to know.  Felix has to decide how far is willing to go in order to show Emily that he still loves her.

Emily went through some crazy stuff while Felix was away and I must say I was sad at first because I think it’s super cute when couples are only with each other.  Nevertheless, some of my favorite types of romances include a second chance; I love hearing stories of couples that can reconnect after years apart.  Both of these characters are stubborn as mules – Emily is bound and determined that she isn’t good enough for Felix & Felix is sure that the two of them belong together.  I enjoyed reading the lengths that Felix went through in order to prove to Emily that she wasn’t what she thought of herself.  She got me so irritated one minute and then the next I had a better understanding of what was going on in her head.  The two of them together just make sense! The author did a great job of making the characters relatable and I recommend this to anyone – 4.5 Stars 🙂


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