Book Review

Review: No Limits by Lauren Landish

No Limits by Lauren Landish
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Length: 300 Pages
Genre: Romance

Release Date: January 12, 2017


Brief Synopsis
Shawnie is convinced she is haunted by a demon of her past – a demon that forces her to need to partake in rough, and dark, sex. She thinks she is a monster. Until she meets Rafe.  He shows her that she isn’t broken, but she wonders if Rafe is just too good to be true.

Rafe is a man who was bred to be the perfect man who would never need love. He expects perfection from everyone around him & has no tolerance for those who waste his time. He takes one look at Shawnie and realizes that she was special. He knows that she has been through hell and yet her past hasn’t destroyed her. He is determined to show her that she is worth more, that she’s his Angel.





My Thoughts
I am a huge fan of Lauren Landish books, so when I had an opportunity to get an Advance Reader copy to review I jumped on it. This book features Rafe, who is pretty much the ultimate Superman bad boy, and Shawnie, who is a haunted young woman that is just trying to get through life. What started out as a strictly professional working relationship quickly progressed beyond that point.

The chemistry between them is intense, but in the beginning of their interactions it was unclear if Rafe was trying to help her because he cared for her or because he saw a challenge. I loved seeing their relationship grow throughout the book. The way that Rafe knew what Shawnie was struggling with was so sweet. This book is told from the point of view of Shawnie and Rafe – but also included some sessions between Shawnie and her counselor; all the different views really helped the reader to see more into the characters and I almost felt I could relate to Shawnie [even though I have never come close to the trauma she went through]. There is a lot of BDSM in this book so if you can’t take the kinky kind of love, probably not the best book for you. But if you can handle some dark romance, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book; you’ll get laughs, you’ll have your heartstrings tugged at, and you’ll need a cold shower to help cool you down afterwards but it’ll be worth it! 😉


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