Book Review

Review of Dangerous Crush by Crystal Kaswell

Dangerous Crush by Crystal Kaswell
(Dangerous Noise book #2)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Length: 364 Pages
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
Kit Lockhart is the bassist for Dangerous Noise & the only man that catches Piper Strong’s eye. She has had a crush on him for years, and everyone around her knows it. She has two problems though: 1- he’s in the band with both her old brothers & 2- he only sees her as a good, innocent girl.

Kit wants Piper, but he knows he shouldn’t have her. He’s friends with her older brothers & he has such a sordid past that he knows he shouldn’t drag her down with him. Problem is, the more he talks to her – the more he wants to be the man she ends up with.

My Thoughts
I have been so excited for this next installment in the Dangerous Noise series; I fell in love with the boys in the band when I read Ethan’s story. Kit was portrayed in Dangerous Kiss as this dark & haunted man, struggling with a drug addiction, so of course I could not wait for his book to come out. Drug addiction is a sensitive subject to some and, while I have no experience with any addiction (unless we count coffee? I think some people do), I felt with the way the author detailed Kit’s struggle I could understand the battles he must go through on a daily basis. I was so glad for him that Piper was there and never once doubted his strength.

Crystal Kaswell tells such a great story in this book that you can’t help but become entranced. Piper is such a young, sweet girl who is trying to find her place in the world. And Kit is a recovering addict who struggles everyday to keep on track. They aren’t really the two that you would think to be together since both seem to be at different points of their life. But this author writes it in such a way that you can’t really picture either character with anyone else. The readers just know that Piper & Kit are meant to be together. She switches the POV between the two and I love when authors do that, so we readers can understand the characters better. I loved every minute of this book. There was laughter, awkwardness, sadness, and struggles – oh and let’s not forget the steamy sex between them! If you haven’t read Crystal Kaswell’s books – or you’re not a fan – you are missing out.

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