Book Review

Review: Lip Service by Simone Sowood

Lip Service by Simone Sowood
My Rating: 4 Stars
Publication Date: Jan 2nd, 2017
Genre: Romance
Length: 239 Pages



Knox’s new neighbor is a sex advice vlogger & he has just stumbled across her videos.  Avery just moved in next door and everything about her tempts him; but he always puts his daughter first.  He put rules in place to keep her protected – and rule #1 is no relationships!

Avery can’t help but watch Knox as he works in his garage.  He is hot, tattooed, and so very muscular; and it doesn’t hurt that her office/bedroom overlooks him working on restoring his cars.  How is she supposed to resist that view?

My Thoughts:

Simone Sowood writes some of the hottest men I have ever read.  Loved this book; the relationship between Knox & his daughter Piper was just too sweet.  I loved that he put her first to the point of putting his happiness on the back burner.  It was great to see the effortlessness of Avery & Piper’s relationship too – they just clicked.  The author didn’t set out to have Avery replace Piper’s mother, but she ended up being a seamless fit into their little family duo anyway.

The sex was steaming hot, any scene with Piper in it was hilarious and the ending was just so sweet.  This book had all the great aspects a reader wants from a romance, with extra steam.  I always like reading books where the main characters start out as hookups, or just friends with benefits, but then develop into something more.  The speed at which Avery & Knox moved was so fast, it was almost unrealistic – but it didn’t take anything from their relationship.

I’ve read a few books by this author and with each one, I have become more and more of a fan.  The way this author writes always has me anxiously waiting for the end, hoping it’ll end the way I want!  If you’re looking for a new author to read, this one is worth checking out.

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