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New Year, New Challenge – 2017 Reading Challenge

I’m a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions and I usually spend the 1st setting my resolutions & long term goals for the year, as well as planning out steps to take to reach throughout the year.  One of my constant resolutions is to read more and to expand my reading horizon.  I’m always looking for ways to branch into new – or different – genres, try new authors and push myself to read more; I’ll be honest & admit that it doesn’t take much to get me to read MORE books so this year I’m going to try to focus on the DIFFERENT aspect.

One of the easiest ways to do that is with a reading challenge.  I stumbled across one that I really liked – well technically it’s 2 different options: one is a 26 book challenge & one is a 52 book challenge (I have posted the image for the 26 book challenge below & all but one of the challenged books from the 26 list are in the 52 list).  I plan to start with the 26 book list & depending on how that goes, I may switch to the 52 list since there is so much that crosses over to the longer challenge.



I found both of these lists on Hannah Braime’s website – with the link her post here.  It seemed like the sort of list that would push me to try different authors & genres that I might not usually try to – which is a perfect fit for my resolution 🙂

Here is also the 52 book list, just in case any of our followers wanted to see that too, or if you wanted to start off with that list instead!

.  52-book-challenge



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