Book Review

Review: The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely

The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Length: 270 Pages
Genre: Romance, Contemporary/Chick Lit


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Brief Synopsis
Their love is forbidden for so many reasons – she works with him, she works in his home playing with his 5 year old daughter, and – last but not least – she’s the nanny. All of which make her completely off limits to him.

Simon is a single dad who is often known as ‘The Sexy One’ in the circle of nannies – but Abby knows that first hand. She sees him every day she works with his adorable daughter Hayden. She wants to be so much more than boss & employee, but is her job worth the risk?



My Thoughts
I have loved every Lauren Blakely book I have read and this one was no exception. I was gifted this copy from a secret santa I participated in and I couldn’t be more grateful. This book has cute & sweet as well as hot & sexy. Abby’s interactions with Hayden are just so sweet, as the reader we know that she’d fit into their family perfectly – so sweet.  Also, what is hotter than a single dad who dotes on his daughter? I think I have a crush on Simon myself!

I loved the chemistry between Abby & Simon and I was glad that I got to read this from both points of view.  I tend to get over invested in the book I’m reading sometimes, mainly because I’m a hopeless romantic, but honestly I couldn’t help it with this one.  I loved everything about this story – the chemistry between the couple, how they both cared about Hayden & encouraged her, how they overcame obstacles in their path & grew over time – literally everything.  The author again managed to write a book that kept my intention from line 1 on page 1 to the the last word of the second epilogue.  If you have not read any Lauren Blakely books before, you are missing out & I highly advise you correct that immediately!



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