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Happy Release Day to Mignon Mykel!

Saving Grace

by Mignon Mykel
Loving Meadows, #1
Publication Date: December 19, 2016
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Length: 174 Pages
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Synopsis: He calms me.

An unexpected long-distance friendship showed Gracelyn Dewey the ease of some relationships. Very few people could get past her walls and even then, fewer had the ability to see through her anxieties.

With him, she finds more—but circumstances wouldn’t allow them to keep it. Instead, they find an easy friendship with one another.

Until it wasn’t easy any more.

She grounds me.

In his line of work, Sawyer Meadows sees some gut wrenching things. He sees broken people, wounded people, fearful people. He loves his job, yet is losing a piece of himself in the mix.

But there was always her. Drawn to her quiet smile, he has always known she was meant to be something special to him.

A fact that became painfully evident when she found someone else to hold her.

Somewhere along the way, we lost it.

They are given one weekend together to fix their friendship.

The days can’t go off without any hitches though. When her recent past and his career collide, they’ll have to decide—is the distance enough to keep them apart? Or are they through letting everything else dictate their happiness?

She’s my saving grace, and I plan on saving her in the process.


My Review:  I love reading a book that has the main characters start as friends and then grow to be something more.  Sawyer & Grace met through Sawyer’s sister and grew to be very close friends.  Coming from personal experience, I think the best relationships are the ones that start out as just friends (my husband and I were friends for almost 12 years before we started dating).  In this book you can tell how close the two main characters are, and it was sad to see that circumstances had them drifting apart, especially when you can see how clearly they need each other in their lives.  I love how the author captured their relationship, the history of their messages & conversations, and how she showcased the ups and downs the couple went through.  

This book appears to be a spin off from another one of Mignon Mykel’s books (Interference) but I have not read that one and I was able to follow along the story line just fine as a standalone.  Though, that being said, I kind of want to go read Sydney’s story now!  This book was a quick read and I was able to finish it in a day, which is good and bad; good because I love a book that I can finish in a day and reflect on, but bad because I wanted a little more.  I’m not sure what ‘more’ I wanted though, that’s why I didn’t let it detract from my rating; this author wrote a great combination of love, drama and humor.  I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a quick read of sweet love 🙂


Mignon Mykel is the author of the Prescott Family series, as well as the short-novella erotic romance series, O’Gallagher Nights. When not sitting at Starbucks writing whatever her characters tell her to, you can find her hiking in the mountains of her new home in Arizona.

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