Book Review

The Snake Eyes series by Tabatha Kiss

Hard Bounty by Tabatha Kiss
(Snake Eyes series book #5)
Rating: 5 Stars
Length: 152 Pages
Genre: Romance


My Thoughts
I hadn’t read any of the Snake Eyes series books by Tabatha Kiss, but when I read the blurb for Hard Bounty I figured I’d sign up for the ARC. The copy I received came with a copy of the first four books in the series as well; I loved Hard Bounty so much that I sat down and read the first four this weekend, one right after the other. I haven’t read many books by this author but those that I have read have been so good that I couldn’t put them down.

This book is the 5th in the series so of course there were some moments that referred to moments in previous books, but each of them can be read as a standalone it seems.  I’m slightly OCD so I wish I had read them in order, but after reading the first four (out of order) I was okay with it.  This book follows the story of Lilah Hart & Archer Allen, both of who make appearances in the previous books.  I’m just saying – Lilah is probably the biggest bad a$$ I’ve ever read about – female one at least.  And the way the author wrote the relationship ups and downs between her and Archer kept me guessing the whole time; would they or wouldn’t they?  This book made me shocked, it made me laugh, and it even made me cry..


BODYGUARD: The story of Fox and Dani: two step siblings that have been kept apart for years.  Fox has been told to keep his distance from Dani, and the best way to do that is to be dead.  But when someone threatens her life, Fox realizes he has to do everything in his power to protect Dani, and that involves ratting out some very dangerous people.

THE HITMAN’S DANCER: Dante has been working undercover with the Zappia family for about six months as a hired gun.  One night with Lucy is supposed to settle her father’s debts, however, one night turns out to be not quite enough.  Lucy can’t quite describe it but something about Dante draws her in.  When Snake Eyes, Dante’s employer, gets outed Lucy’s life gets thrown in danger.   Dante is the one to swoop in and save her, and helps her exact her revenge.

LOVE AND WARGAMES: Caleb and Boxcar meet in the sandy deserts of Afghanistan and from the beginning Caleb wants nothing to do with Boxcar.  They continually get stuck together, and eventually they get married (in secret).  Now two years later, and these two are estranged.  Snake Eyes, the most dangerous assassin’s group is after their mutual friend and they get thrown together again and they realize that they might be good together after all.

BLOODLINES: This book follow the story of Sofia, a Zappia wife.  She was brought up in the Zappia household from an early age to be the perfect wife for the middle son, Giovani.  However, she is not treated as a typical wife, but more of a slave to the barbaric and outdated way of their family.  Enter Luka Lutrova – son of a Russian mafia family.  Sofia realizes that Luka could be her help, to get a little revenge on the Zappia family.  All she wants is a baby, a Lutrova baby.

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