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Blog Tour & Book Review: Claiming Their Royal Mate by Tiffany Allee



by Tiffany Allee
Publication Date: March 20, 2015
Genres: Romance, Paranormal Romance
My Rating: 4.5 stars


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SYNOPSIS: Daniella Clark has lived blissfully unaware of her heritage, but as her true nature reveals itself, a need rises that she cannot control. Her sexy-as-sin neighbor, Owen, eases her carnal heat and introduces her to a world she never even suspected existed.

But the weretiger prime, Erick, wants her for his own. And he is more than willing to fight his second-in-command for the woman he claimed the moment he laid eyes on her luscious form. He will do anything to protect his people, and their future rests in Daniella’s hands.

Even as Daniella revels in the sensuality of the weretiger males, she fights to maintain her sense of self. But when old enemies arise, the battle for her heart isn’t the only fight they must face. And Daniella will have to decide how much she is willing to risk for the men who want her for their mate.

Claiming Their Royal Mate: The Collection includes all four parts of the sensual, m/f/m series. The story contains steamy scenes with two tiger shifters, a smidgeon of violence, and lots of dirty talk. Happy reading!

MY REVIEW: I love reading shifter romances, and sometimes I’m partial to menages (I have to be in the mood for them & they have to be written right).  This collection had both & I was ok with that.  Tiffany Allee (aka Andie Devaux) has made a fan out of me.  I have not read anything by this author so I was going in blind – I didn’t know what kind of writing style she had, I didn’t know her fan base, nothing.

This collection follows Daniella as she goes from being an unassuming human to finding out she is a royal weretiger & there really are such things as shifter, vampires, and other such non-humans.  Owen is her super hot neighbor who has been tasked to watch her & keep her safe (without her knowing) until her heat comes; then Erick, the prime of the weretiger clan, will come and take over (aka he will be the one to take her).  Of course if you know anything about cats in heat (I’m assuming weretigers are the same?) they aren’t too particular as to who scratches their itch, so to speak.  Naturally, everything does not go according to plan and it’s entertaining for us as readers to watch how they end up going from a duo to a trio.

This book is a collection of all 4 parts of the story/series.  That being said, I don’t know that I would’ve been a fan of them separated out – mainly because I HATE cliffhangers.  And more than one of these ended with a cliffhanger of sorts.  The conclusion of the collection was not a cliffhanger, and it was definitely a HEA ending for all three – Daniella, Owen & Erick.



Tiffany Allee (aka Andie Devaux) writes sensual romance stories. When she’s not writing (or reading!), she can usually be found daydreaming, hiking, or attempting a new recipe. She thinks that life should require happily ever afters. And since she doesn’t make the rules of life, she instead applies this philosophy to the worlds she can control – the ones in her books. 


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