Book Review

Newest Review: Sweetest Regret by Meredith Duran

Sweetest Regret by Meredith Duran
Rating: 4 Stars
Length: 98 Pages
Genre: Historical Romance


Brief Synopsis
The joyous Christmas spirit is in everyone, including Georgiana Trent. The holidays are about to drive her right back into the arms of the man who broke her heart two years ago. Will she be able to resist? Or does Lucas Godwin have his own intentions this holiday season?

My Thoughts
I’ve said before how much I love historical romances. This was my first book by Meredith Duran but it is no exception to that rule. This was a perfect read to get me in the Christmas spirit. There is love, laughter, and traditions of old, as well as a nice HEA ending.

My main complaint is that this is a rather quick read. The story line is great though, some parts just appeared to be a bit rushed; the main Hero, Lucas, and heroine, Georgie, have such a history between them. Both of them walked away from with their hearts broken two years ago so naturally when they are thrown back together there is a bit of trepidation on both sides. They certainly appear to get over that quickly though and end up realizing neither of them wanted to end their friendship all those years ago. I can’t go into to much detail without spoiling big parts of the plot, but I will say that when the premise of them being in the same place came out as a trick I was a little upset. This is a great book if you are looking for a quick read with a little bit of intrigue.

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