Book Review

Review: Doing it Over by Catherine Bybee

Doing it Over by Catherine Bybee
(A Most Likely To Novel)
Rating: 4 Stars
Length: 332 Pages
Genre: Romance, Chick Lit


Brief Synopsis
Melanie Bartlett was voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school but her life did not go at all like she thought it would. Down-on-her-luck, single, and mom to a sweet little girl, Holly, she goes back to River Bend, her hometown. Her family is long gone, but sometimes going home is what you need. With help from her friends, Jo & Zoe, and a little help from Miss Gina – she may have turned a corner towards her new life.

Wyatt Gibson was not a fan of the big city, so when he found River Bend he thought it would suit him just fine. He’s made a home for himself in the small town. When Melanie and her fun daughter come to town, he’s hoping he can convince her that life in River Bend might be a perfect place for her to start over.

My Thoughts
I’ve read a few series by Catherine Bybee (her Not Quite & Weekday Brides series were awesome) and I was a huge fan. So when I stumbled across this book I was excited. Her books are great and I knew this one wouldn’t be the exception. This book has so many ups and downs – there is sweet love, funny moments, and mystery.  I will warn you though – the mystery and suspense are very intense.  I was not expecting that and there were many times I almost teared up because of the danger.  I can handle a lot of blood and gore, but when children’s lives are put in danger I’m quickly reaching my limit.  Just like in the movies – don’t mess with the children!

However – the seriousness of that aside, the book was a really good read.  There are many happy moments that help temper down the bad moments.  If you can get past the scary moments and to the happy moments then this is a book that you will love.

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