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New Author Alert – Sylvia Fox

I am always looking for new authors to read – and I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity reader.  When I read the blurbs for Sylvia Fox’s new novellas, I jumped on the chance to read them.  So typically I do one review per post, but since this author released all of these together I wanted to review them together.


mentorMentor Me, Professor by Sylvia Fox
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Brief Synopsis
Josephine has a problem; she is lusting after Professor John Hardwicke. As if wanting a professor at the college she attends isn’t bad enough, John is also her father’s best friend.  She has known him since she was very young, and she doesn’t think he would ever look at her the way she looks at him.  Until, Thanksgiving.

Her parents decide to go on a vacation for Thanksgiving, and  – not wanting her to be alone – John offered to let her stay with him for the break.   Needless to say, things get quite complicated between the coed and her sexy professor.

Cock Me, Pilot by Sylvia Foxpilot
Rating: 4 Stars

Brief Synopsis
Ella has been saving herself for one guy – her best friend’s dad.  He’s a pilot, and the man of her dreams.  She realizes that the chances of him wanting her in return are slim but that doesn’t stop her from having her fantasies.  When Thanksgiving break rolls around & she is left without a ride home from college she turns to Brett.  He offers to fly her home on his private jet and the thought of spending time alone with him has her getting her hopes up – maybe she’ll get to be with Brett and join the mile high club while she is at it.

seargantDrill Me, Sergeant by Sylvia Fox
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Brief Synopsis
Nadine has had a crush on her dad’s best friend, Colt Barrett, for years.  He is an old Marine buddy who has been around since Nadine was born.  He has seen her grow up, and grow into a young woman.  She tries to hide her attraction to him, but when they get stuck alone together for a snowstorm things change.  Thanksgiving is time to spend with family and friends that you love – well Nadine gets her wish to spend some close bonding time with Colt.  Things are kept under wraps because of the taboo, but the secret comes out when Nadine turns up pregnant.  Now she is wondering if she really can have her happily ever after.

Frisk Me, Officer by Sylvia Foxofficer
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Brief Synopsis
When Becca comes home for Thanksgiving, she hears of the string of break ins & robberies that have hit the street her parent’s live on.  So of course the last thing she wants to do is stay in the house alone.  She convinces herself that she is okay, until she hears a crash upstairs.  She calls the one man that she knows will come running – Sheriff Wyatt McDowell.

Wyatt McDowell is best friends with Becca’s dad & he will do anything to protect her.  However, when he finds out how much she wants him, he realizes that he can’t protect her from his own desire for her.


My Thoughts

This author may be new but she knows how to catch the attention of her readers.  These were all really short, quick and dirty reads, but once I started them I had to finish them.  Sylvia Fox wrote of 4 different older man/younger woman taboo relationships.  The girls are young and innocent (except for Nadine in Drill Me, Sergeant) and the men are alpha males that have skillful dirty mouths.  Each of these couples have their own struggles in the way of happiness – whether it be family not accepting them or their own insecurities and worries – but it’s so thrilling to see how they work together to overcome their obstacles.  The sex is hot, the love is sweet, and the struggles are real – all in all these make for 4 spicy novellas that are perfect for afternoon quickies.


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