Book Review

Review: Dangerous Kiss by Crystal Kaswell

Dangerous Kiss by Crystal Kaswell
Length: 358 Pages
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Romance

dangerous-kissBrief Synopsis

Violet Valentine fell in love with Ethan Strong before he was a rockstar. He was the only one who understood her, who made her feel okay, and she thought they were the perfect match. Until life got in the way…

Two years later, Ethan is the famous guitarist of Dangerous Noise, a huge band. He says they can be friends. But after all their history, can these two really be ‘just friends’? When both of them remember how perfect they fit together?

Violet wants to give in so badly – just one kiss, or one night together – but she’s more worried about whether her heart can take another break.


My Thoughts
I’m a huge Crystal Kaswell fan. I fell in love with her Sinful Serenade books, so when I found out she was writing books based on Dangerous Noise, I was over the moon. This book has steam, it has tension, it has drama, and it had my emotions all over the place. The relationship between Ethan & Violet was all over the place. I liked how the author switched the view points so we could see the struggle from both sides. Some of the battles that these two overcame were so typical to most couples – we all want to be a priority, we all want to matter to someone.

I will say, it’s hard for me to believe that Violet was able to get with Ethan again, as quickly as she does. I love her character; she is this girl who shows the world that she takes no $h!t but on the inside she hurts. It’s so realistic and I think a lot of us readers are just like her – we always try to hide our inside struggle. She has gone through so much hurt that it’s no wonder she puts on a facade that she is stronger than she feels. I absolutely love that Ethan does his best to get past that wall. I’m a hopeless romantic, so even though I didn’t think she should forgive him so easily, I’m glad she did. Because every strong woman needs a support system and Ethan wants to be that support for Violet.

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