Book Review

I always Love a good Tiffany Snow book

Follow My by Tiffany Snow
Length: 304 Pages
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
China Mack is a computer programmer for Cysnet and she has a particular way she does things; shower before coffee, breakfast for dinner Thursdays and she likes her life that way. Until things become a little less routine..

Jackson Cooper – Cysnet’s CEO & China’s boss – assigns China to a new (highly classified) project, her 16 year old niece comes to live with her for a semester, and Clark (who, yes, looks like Clark Kent) moves in next door. All these manage to throw a wrench in China’s strict routine.

Soon her work assignment turns deadly – as in key team members start turning up dead – and China believes she is being followed. Now she may have to give up her routine in order to stay alive..

My Thoughts
I absolutely LOVE China Mack – she’s fun, she’s nerdy, she’s a female Sheldon Cooper (for all my fellow Big Bang Theory fans out there) and she’s my new hero. I love that the author wrote such a character; I’ve read young naive heroines, sassy mouthed heroines, even bitchy and annoying heroines, but I don’t know that I’ve read many that speak to me on such a level as this one. I always love reading a female lead that I can relate too and as a self proclaimed nerd (I’m talking comic books, video games & math lover) I don’t think I could be a bigger fan of this book.

I’m a big Tiffany Snow fan – I absolutely loved her Kathleen Turner series – so I always perk up anytime she has a new book/series coming out. She writes about sassy females and strong dominant men and *sometimes* there’s even two of them. Her books include some romance, some drama, mystery and I’m always biting my fingernails until the end. It’s ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, not relationship wise, just story wise – or at least it certainly seemed like there could be more to it. I’m not a fan of cliffhangers – but I was willing to get over it for a Tiffany Snow book 🙂

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