Book Review

Don’t you want to be Purely Wicked?

Purely Wicked by Abby Brooks
Length: 118 Stars
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
The summer when she was 15, Ashley Thompson fell fast, and fell hard, for Jackson Moore. They spent the summer together before he left for college. Eight years later she is not in a happy place: she is in a relationship that is completely one sided and she is just tired of being taken for granted. Then, in walks Jackson. He buys the bar that she’s a waitress at & she has a hard time NOT remembering their whirlwind of a summer together and hoping for maybe a second chance.

Jackson Moore works hard for every thing he has – constantly feeling the need to prove to everyone, and himself, that he can be something more. When he comes back to Bliss from NYC his only thought is about making a great life for his daughter, and what better place to do that than the place where he spent his happiest summer. But working in close quarters with Ashley at the bar has him wondering the great life he has planned can include her or not.

My Thoughts
I think Jackson is my new dream man! He is tough, protective, and a great father – what woman doesn’t love a man who is good with his children? The chemistry between these two characters is so over the top that there were times I needed a fan and a big glass ice water to cool me down. Oh and the way Ashley is with Jackson’s daughter? It’s like she is the perfect addition to their little family. The history between these two wasn’t very extensive, because they only had a summer together. But I like reading books where the characters have some history & they reconnect; it’s always fun to see how the time has changed each individual and it’s almost always a perfect recipe for a HEA, if they can work their way back together.

This isn’t my first book by Abby Brooks, but I haven’t ready any of her Moore Brothers books. Purely Wicked is a spin off of that series (Jackson is a Moore cousin). Needless to say, I will be reading all of the Moore Brothers Books – and very soon. There are quite a few mentions to Jackson’s cousins, but you don’t need to have read them to follow the storyline in this one. My OCD kind of wishes I had read them first (since they released first & the author wrote them in that order) but when I read the teaser blurb that Abby posted on FB I decided I could not wait. I bought this as soon as it went Live because I had a feeling I would love it, and I did. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to get on it. This is definitely a multiple read for me.

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