Book Review

November 1st is here – Happy Belated Halloween..

Wicked Ways by Willow Winters, Lauren Landish, Bella Love-Wins, Isabella Starling, Vivian Wood, B.B. Hamel, Roxie Noir, Aubrey Irons, Tessa Thorne, Penelope Bloom, Amelia Wilde, Sophie Brooks
Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
Down in Baton Rouge there is one party a year that is a must attend & this is it. This Halloween these twelve stories follow twelve different couples that are all intertwined. You meet some of the baddest boys and some of the hottest ladies you will ever have the pleasure of reading about.  This book is the perfect Halloween compilation 🙂

My Thoughts
I knew when I saw all these authors that this was going to be well worth the read. And I was not disappointed in any way. I had not read all 12 of these authors (I had previously only read books by about 7 or 8 of them) but after reading these I am a fan of every one of those authors. This book brings together 12 different people with 12 different styles of writing and I love how they all work and tie in together; anything that tickles your fancy – young woman/older man, bikers, a college jock & a nerdy geek, really almost any kind of bad boy you can think of – can be found in this book. I laughed, I cried (from laughing), I got upset, I got angry and I loved every minute of it.

Each of these short novellas were quick to read, they were dirty & sexy, and none of them leave you hanging. Nothing irks me more than finishing a book on a cliffhanger and having to wait for the next one to see how the first ended, but let’s be honest, when that happens I usually just stalk the author until I can get my hands on the sequel (ok maybe that’s not funny in today’s world – so here’s my disclaimer: I do not actually do any stalking of any author). The stories were great on their own, but having them all linked together was – for lack of a better word – awesome.

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