Book Review

How much can she Take? Review – Bend by B.B. Hamel

Bend by B.B. Hamel
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: Romance, Mafia Romance


Brief Synopsis
Jodie grew up completely unaware that her family was a dangerous one, which is almost unbelievable for the daughter of the Irish Mob boss. She’s a good girl who has stayed out of that life. Until one day, when she witnesses a horrible murder of their family.

After her parents are killed Dante is tasked with holding her captive and breaking her in for future use. His bosses want her to be compliant & bend to Dante’s will. The only problem is she is starting to mean more to him than he originally thought she would.

My Thoughts
This is my first read of B. B. Hamel’s and I must say – I am interested. I like that the author wrote the view from both the main characters throughout the whole book. The mouth & mind on Dante is so deep in the gutter that I don’t think he could dig his way out. But that appealed to Jodie; that and the rough handling. Dante is a typical alpha male – dominant in all walks of his life; who doesn’t love an alpha male with a bad boy demeanor?

The book moves at a fast pace and there are parts that seemed a bit rushed. The connection between the two main characters could’ve been built out a little bit more; the beginning of the book seemed to go from the characters hating each other to finding the other irresistible within a few pages. Maybe it was to be an instant connection between the two. Overall it wasn’t a bad read. There was sex, drama, violence, and everything you would expect from a typical mafia romance.

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