Book Review

Another ‘Perfect’ Read-Review: Perfect by Dani Wyatt

Perfect by Dani Wyatt
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Length: 208 pages
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
Talia has been under her overprotective father’s thumb her entire life – homeschooled, no social media, and her only fun is her ukelele. The night of her eighteenth birthday she convinces her dad to let her go to her first party. That’s where she found out that life can be hard but sweet at the same time.

Griffin Stanford is the most handsome person Talia has ever seen. He’s a star football player but has a heart for numbers – hunk with a hidden geek side. He meets Talia at his friend’s party & after one kiss his entire life changes. He knows he has to have her in his life. He is drawn to her and, even though he is across the Atlantic, he thinks only of her and how he can make her his.

My Thoughts
Dani Wyatt has done it again – I loved this book from the beginning to the end! I’ve read a few Dani Wyatt books before and I honestly think she may be one of my favorites; she always manages to write the perfect young, insta-love stories with super sweet female leads & strong, alpha, domineering male leads. Her men are always the perfect characters to be my new book crushes. The story between Talia & Griffin is full of sweet, dirty love and it’s the stuff that you can only find in romance novels.

Both of these main characters are virgins when they get together. Talia doesn’t have the most confidence in herself, but Griffin knows exactly what to say to cheer her up and boost her self-esteem. Griffin isn’t the stereotypical football star; he is a secret geek who has one of the dirtiest minds and mouths that I’ve read. The chemistry between these two is so intense and strong that you almost know how the book is going to end but you enjoy every second of the ride getting there. These two are perfect together and the author knew what she was doing when she wrote their story.

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