Book Review

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Big Bad Wolf by Frankie Love & Isabella Starling
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
Luke Barton grew up with Hayley Adams and they were the closest of friends. Until they lost contact when she moved to New York – as in left Willow Creek and never looked back. Fast forward three years, and Hayley is back in town. Her Gram died and left her the house so Hayley is returning home; home to Gram’s house, Halloween festivals and the Barton boys.

Luke has had a lot of bad stuff happen in his life while Hayley has been gone. As in he was sent to prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. Now he is out & just trying to put his life back together. But when someone starts targeting Luke & Hayley, as well as their friends, it turns out to be harder and more dangerous than he thought.

My Thoughts
The history between Hayley and Luke is just so sweet. I love that they grew up together and were so important in each others lives. They spend so long apart that you expect it to be awkward, but they just sort of pick up where they left off. The drama that follows them around was crazy intense for a small town like Willow Creek; you’d think everyone knows everyone so there couldn’t be secrets like that. I like that the authors switched the view points between Luke, Hayley & even the murderer; without the third viewpoint, I don’t think it would have been possible to guess who that individual was. And I love being able to guess who the bad guy is; I think it’s an indication of a well written suspense, as well as it makes me feel smart – maybe just me? 😉

I have read books written by each of these ladies so when I saw this was to be written by both I was ecstatic. I downloaded it in my Kindle Unlimited as soon as it went live. The writing styles they have are similar enough that a joint effort like this flows seamlessly, but you still manage to see both throughout the book – love it. This book is described as a ‘a sexy as hell alpha, a second chance at love and a happy ending with a murder mystery to boot’ and it is definitely that. It’s dirty, sexy, emotional, sweet, suspenseful, has some dark moments but ends with a HEA so it makes me happy in every way. These ladies work very well together & I can only hope there are more collaborations between them in the future.

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