Sexy Biker Alert – Raw by Ada Stone Review

Raw by Ada Stone
Street Demons MC
Rating: 4 Stars
Length: 591 pages
Genre: Romance, MC Romance


Brief Synopsis
Michael & Belle are not two people that you would think would end up together. They meet by chance in the hospital and Belle agrees to 24 hours of being his – that means he can have her whenever, however and wherever he wants. After that the plan was ‘no expectations, no strings’; but when do things ever go according to plan?

My Thoughts
Sometimes MC Romances are too rough for my taste, but this one wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong – life in the Street Demon’s MC is still rough and dangerous but I like how the author made it so that it wasn’t as harsh. The relationship between the main characters gets tested by the usual drama and secrets that come with one of them being in an MC. It was encouraging to see how they worked through that, even if the woman was as stubborn as they come.

I personally think Belle is a little crazy but she also might be allowed that – her mom in sick and everything that is usually in line is completely out of her control. As someone who admits to being somewhat of a control freak, I can understand the stubbornness her character displays. It’s not easy to just let someone else take care of you when you are so used to taking care of things yourself.

The dirty scenes in this book are super hot, the drama is very intense, and the action is just all around consuming. I received this as an ARC and once I started reading it I could not put it down. Ada Stone managed to grab my interest right in the beginning and she held it for the entire book. It’s not often that I read books that I literally cannot put down, but this was definitely one of them.

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