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Blog Tour & Review: Lessons in Gravity by Megan Westfield


Lessons in Gravity

by Megan Westfield
Publication Date: October 24, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Embrace, New Adult, Romance
My Rating: 4 Stars



Synopsis: All eyes are on Josh Knox…Fearless. Guarded. Cut-to-perfection. Daredevil rock climber. The best in the world.

This time he’s poised to scale Yosemite’s notoriously treacherous Sorcerer Spire, with Walkabout Media & Productions filming every move.

April Stephens’s dream to be a documentary filmmaker rests on her acing her internship with Walkabout, and that means getting the abrasive Josh to give her more than one-word answers in his interviews.

The problem is, with every step forward professionally, she and Josh are also taking a step forward personally, and after watching her stunt pilot father die in a fiery crash, a guy who risks his life for a living is the last person she should be falling for. Especially because in one month her internship will have them dangling three thousand feet in the air from the side of the Sorcerer. She’ll be filming. He’ll be climbing without a rope.

My Review: This is my first book by Megan Westfield but she had me hooked from the get go. I was on the edge of my seat wondering how the book was going to end. You could tell that the author knew a lot about the subject matter – so she either did her research or is just good at winging it. I have never rock climbed in my life (too chicken & too weak for sure), so I was nervous right along with the characters as they were moving along. I also loved the way that the author really captured the internal struggle that April was going through during the entire book. Everyone handles tragedies differently and no one could blame her for keeping her emotions & feelings in check. But it was so saddening to see April continue to run in fear.

It was also frustrating because I could see her making bad choices and just had to wait to see if she would come to terms with her fear & be able to live a happy life. I always root for a HEA ending but I’ll be honest with you – I was not sure that was going to happen. I like that – the author really kept this from being a predictable romance novel. I loved Josh’s character in this as well – he was so different with April that it was really exciting to see the development of their relationship. Both of them seem to be fighting the chemistry at first, for different reasons, that it was such a relief when they were finally open and honest with each other about their feelings.





Megan Westfield has dabbled in many hobbies and pastimes over the years, ranging from playing the cello to cake decorating (i.e., icing-eating) to a dozen different outdoor adventure sports.  Eventually, she discovered the only way to do it all was though writing—her first and strongest passion. She writes new adult fiction because she loves exploring the powerful and formative years between high school and the quarter-life crisis. As a reader, her favorite books are those with a truly unique, real-world setting, and, of course, a love story.

Megan grew up in Washington state, attended college in Oregon, and lived in Virginia, California, and Rhode Island during her five years as a navy officer. She is now a permanent resident of San Diego where she and her husband count family beach time with their two young kids as an adventure sport. Megan was formerly the editor of a small weekly newspaper in Southern California and is represented by Melissa Edwards of Stonesong Priest Literary Agency.


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