Book Review

Newest Barbarian Read by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Heart by Ruby Dixon
Ice Planet Barbarian book 10
Rating: 4 Stars
Length: 222 pages
Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance


Brief Synopsis
Stacy and Pashov have been mated for roughly 3 seasons – since Stacy woke up on this frozen planet. They have a wonderful life & a beautiful blue baby together. Until the earthquake.

Pashov has lost his memory, due to a head injury in the quake. Stacy doesn’t quite know how to handle herself now that her mate doesn’t remember her. Pashov is devastated to realize he has a wife & child that he cannot remember anything about. Together can they figure out a way to move forward, or will they both be stuck wishing for past memories?

My Thoughts
Ruby Dixon has done it again. Her Ice Planet romances are always jam packed full of action – both in and out of the sheets. This one, however, was more subdued than previous ones, almost like it was softer and more emotional. Stacy is not one to be in the action – she’s usually behind the scenes, making sure that everyone eats. She has a tendency to cry but can you really blame her – her mate doesn’t remember anything about her and yet she can’t give up hope that he might remember her soon. Their love story is slower and more gradual than previous ones on ‘Not Hoth’ but that doesn’t make it any less intense.

I really liked how the author handled the strain on their relationship. When Pashov loses his memory it basically causes the relationship to start over. He knows what he SHOULD do as far as Stacy & his son are concerned but he appears to just be doing his duty, and no one wants to be thought of as a duty or responsibility. This story really shows the struggle that Pashov goes through in dealing with what he wants to do and what he should do. There is quite an uphill battle but it does have a HEA ending.

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