Book Review

Hot Firemen Deserve A Second Chance – Torch by Roxie Noir

Torch by Roxie Noir
Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
In high school Hunter and Clementine were hot and heavy. They were each other’s firsts, they loved each other and thought everything was going to be hunky dory for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately stuff happens, and they break up.

Flash forward a few years and Hunter is a fire fighter. Clementine is a forest park ranger. They get thrown together unexpectedly and of course sparks fly. Together they need to decide if it is worth the risk for them to try again, or if they should just let bygones be bygones.

My Thoughts
Roxie Noir definitely has a way with writing. This book was so sweet, but also funny and dramatic – all bundled into one. In real life you don’t expect second chance encounters to go well ever – but you always hope it will. And I like that the author showed that hesitance with Clementine. Because Hunter is a super steamy fireman and I don’t know many ladies that would resist his charm.

The author switches the POV between the two main characters; I really like when stories are told that way because it really helps us see into the thoughts and feelings of the characters. I always feel closer to them that way. I love a HEA ending that requires some work; I’m a hopeless romantic but I’m also realistic. The ending just seems that much sweeter when it takes effort to get there.

I’ve only read one other Roxie Noir book and I loved that one too. Her female leads are sassy-mouthed and her heroes are strong alpha males. If this is the trend in all her books, I will definitely be reading more of her books.

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