Book Review

Welcome to Birch Bay!

Montana Cherries by Kim Law
The Wildes of Birch Bay book 1
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: Chick Lit, Romance


Brief Synopsis
After Dani Wilde’s mother passed away, she left college to go home to the family orchard and be the new maternal figure helping take care of her dad and her five younger brothers. Now that they are all adults and out of college she has an opportunity to live her dream in New York City. Nothing can keep her from leaving at the end of the harvest.

Ben Denton used to come to the Wilde house for holidays when in college with Dani’s brother Gabe but he hasn’t been there in years. When he finds out he has a four year old daughter – surprise – he decides he needs to retreat to the Wilde family farm to recharge, since it is the only place to ever feel like home. Running in to Dani again is not something he could fully prepare for but it’s happening, whether he is ready or not.

My Thoughts
I have previously read quite a few Kim Law books and I’m a huge fan; the way she writes paints such a picture it’s like a movie. So naturally, when I stumbled across this one I didn’t hesitate to add it to my list. This author writes such a moving story in Montana Cherries. The Wilde children had to deal with so much hurt and pain growing up that it’s a wonder if any of them will be okay or have healthy relationships. I’m hoping that each sibling gets a book of their own because I would be so upset if I didn’t learn the stories of all the siblings. Currently Montana Rescue – book 2, Nick’s book – has been published and it looks like Montana Mornings – book 3, Gabe’s book – will be released early 2017; so I think it’ll happen, YAY I can’t wait!

I was so sad while reading this, but at the same time so hopeful. Dani just wants to be loved and the author wrote her character so well that you can’t help but to want to hug her. Her personality is exactly what you would think of when you think of someone who is longing to be accepted for who she is; the way she makes sure everyone is taken care of before herself and is always there whenever someone else backs out just speaks to her trying to please others. The relationships she has with her family and Ben are tested in ways that have you wondering if the book will end on a sour note. This is one of those books that stays with you long after you finish it, and you can’t help but wonder how things went after the ending.  I definitely recommend this to everyone, such a great read.

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