Book Review

Newest Read – Torn by Carian Cole

Torn by Carian Cole
Devils Wolves Book 1
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Length: 423 pages
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
Toren ‘Tor’ Grace is godfather & protector of Kenzi Valentine – has been since she was born. He is best friends with her parents and became the center of Kenzi’s life as she grew older. He’s her closest friend and she knows she can always count on him. Slowly, somehow, he has come to mean more to her; but of all the men she could end up with – her father’s best friend is not on the approved list. Their love is forbidden and, if they go through with it, bound to ruin a few relationships.

My Thoughts
This is the first Carian Cole book I have read and now I feel the need to binge read the rest of her books. The drama between Tor & Kenzi is so deep and so intense. I love how the author wrote Kenzi’s character – she almost appears older & wiser than her age, even in the flashbacks where she is younger. Typically the Hero/main male character is my favorite character but in this case I really think my favorite is Kenzi. She is such a tough girl who cares with her whole heart and you can’t help but root for her to get all her wishes.

The book takes us on a journey through Tor’s life and the author highlighted all the moments of his life that made him who he is today. He’s been through some hurts and it’s so heartwarming to see how Kenzi helps him overcome them. Even though he fights her repeatedly, eventually her determination wears him down. They’re so much better together than they are apart, and even though it takes a while for them to figure it out their journey is so worth the read.

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