Book Review

I want my own Alpha Geek ;)

Alpha Geek by Milly Taiden
Rating: 4 Stars
Length: 130 pages
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
Scarlett Milan is a lioness shifter who has her eye on her boss. He’s the perfect amount of geek and good looks – and just the sight of him is enough to make her hot. There’s only one problem – he is a human. Knox Daniels has had the hots for his best friend’s little sister since the day they met. He knows all about her lioness and he does not care. He still wants her. He stays away for as long as possible but things get heated at a party – and let’s just say things take a wild turn.

My Thoughts
When you think of shifter romances, Milly Taiden is one of the first names you think of (or at least in my case it is). She knows what she is doing. She has written of wolves, lions, bears, dragons and more – but trust me when I say she has not written a shifter quite like this. Knox is a whole need breed of sexy, hot, alpha male and it was grabbed my attention real quick. I’m also a bit of a geek myself so I was glad to see the author write such a character – his love for comic books kind of made him hotter in my book.

The author kept us on the edge of our seat with this one. The intensity and drama between the main characters, as well as the life threatening events that changed Knox’s life were written so well that it made the book go by even faster for me. The romance between Scarlett and Knox was a whirlwind right from the start; I just wish it was longer so there would’ve been more of it!

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