Book Review

Thin Line between Love and Hate – Frozen by L.A. Casey

Frozen by L.A. Casey
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Length: 274 pages
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
The Clarke and the Hart families have been best friends for generations with Darcy Hart & Neala Clarke being the only exceptions. Neala & Darcy were best friends from the time they were born until they were 10 years old. A girl, a fight on the playground, and an argument comes between them ensuring that nothing is the same again.

15 years later – Christmas time rolls around & they both want the same toy for their niece & nephew, a new battle arises. The doll they both want turns out to be the most popular toy and is sold out everywhere EXCEPT for one last doll at Smyths. Who will will this battle and take the toy home to their niece & nephew?

My Thoughts
This book was so great. The pranks that these two characters play on each other bring to mind the games that children & teenagers play when they have crushes on each other. They go at each other’s throats, so much so that their families will do anything to get them to settle their differences. Everyone in the families, and the local village, can tell that there is chemistry between these two but they’re oblivious to that fact. I love stories where it’s a long journey to the happy ending and these characters had to work hard for it – I mean overcoming 15 years of hate is hard right? But like Neala’s mom says wisely ‘there is a thin line between love and hate’. The steps that each of them take when they realize that they want to be friendly towards each other make me giggle, but seem realistic. Overcoming that much history of pranks and feuding has to weigh heavily on the trust factor.

The way L.A. Casey handled the drama between the characters was perfect. She tells portions of the story from Darcy’s POV & some from Neala’s POV. These were seamless transitioned so that we didn’t hear the same exact story retold from a different view, but so that we learned new information from Darcy that was helpful to understand why he was doing something or acting a certain way. I’m a big fan of books where I can understand each characters point of view. I think I’m just a big fan of L.A. Casey books in general 🙂

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