Book Review

Billionaire Bad Boy – yes please

Hung by Simone Sowood
Rating: 4 Stars
Length: 175 pages
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
Skye Simmons has loved one thing her entire life – her art. She uses it as her voice to showcase the unfairness and the void between the 99% and the 1%. Her entire focus is on making a name for herself and getting her art out there for people to see. She doesn’t have time for love & relationships; until she meets Lawson.

Lawson Heywood is a dirty-talking, alpha male, billionaire who has worked for everything he’s gotten. When he first meets Skye he knows he has to have her. But can it really work out between the two of them when Lawson represents the thing Skye is fighting against?

My Thoughts
I was so excited to see how this book turned out. When you think of a perfectly matched couple you don’t often think of a billionaire and a poor artist who – let’s just say – doesn’t favor the rich too well. But Simone Sowood writes their relationship so well that neither one of them is changed throughout the book and she makes this couple work. I love that throughout the book Skye never gave up. You expect a poor artist who finds out she is dating a billionaire to just let things be handed to her, but she doesn’t. She refuses to give up on her values just because it would be easier for her. And Lawson understands that; even though he wants to just take care of everything for her, he respects her decision and helps out where he can without crossing that line. I love that he isn’t the stereotypical billionaire and he helps Skye realize that maybe her blanket perception of rich people doesn’t apply to everyone. The chemistry between them is so hot – like a sunny day on the equator hot – and the dirty talk almost made my kindle melt!

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