Book Review

The Youngest Pierce – he was Worth the Wait

Chandler by Laurelin Paige
Rating: 5 Stars
Length: 300 pages
Genre: Romance



Brief Synopsis
Chandler Pierce makes an effort not to take anything in life too seriously. He goes through with his party days & acts out his playboy ways without remorse – he is who he is. He seems to always be in the shadow of his family so he just sticks with the status quo. Then along comes Genevieve Fasbender. From the first glance she stirs something inside Chandler that has him rethinking his ways; he starts to wonder if he shouldn’t be more serious about his life, work and women. Part of him wants to stick to what he does best but part of him wants to pursue her and make her his; he just has to decide if the reward is worth the risk.

My Thoughts
This book – or rather this author – is just awesome. I have loved every word that I have read from Laurelin Paige. Her male leads are just so alpha & dominant – my favorite kind of man 😉 – that I can’t put the books down. I didn’t think anyone could hold a candle to Hudson Pierce – but watch out! Chandler is right up there with him on the hotness scale. He starts out living life easy, making it a point not to get too attached to anyone, but with the right woman, all those alpha male tendencies come out in full force. The mouth on that man – whew! He can give Hudson a run for his money. But he’s not a one sided character. He’s not just about the bedroom; he’s intelligent enough to handle business matters as well. We see him become more confident in the fact that he doesn’t have to live in the shadow of his brother through the course of the book and it makes me happy for him. Genevieve is no softy either. How many of us readers can relate to a woman trying to make it in a man’s world? She doesn’t let anything stop her though; she works her ass off even when her own male family members try to convince her she has no place in the business world.

I love the chemistry between these two characters. The author wrote their story so well I finished it in one day – I literally read it in one sitting. The way their relationship develops is comical, entertaining and so sweet that it makes the hopeless romantic in me just sigh like a school girl. I love that Laurelin doesn’t make her books unrealistic. There is drama, there are awkward moments, and that just makes this book more appealing to me because it seems to be real. She brings in the important players from the previous books (Fixed Trilogy, Hudson, & even the Found Duet) and it was nice to see how those family members have progressed since the last book took place. All in all, I have no bad things to say about this book – except I REALLY hope it’s not the last we’ve seen of the Pierce families.

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