Book Review

Life on the Edge – Gentry Boys #7

Edge by Cora Brent
Gentry Boys book #7
Rating: 4 Stars
Length: 246 pages
Genre: Romance


Brief Synopsis
Roslyn Tory lost her best friend at such a young age. She grew up and moved on, but will always remember her friend, Erin. She threw herself in to her studies and has moved back home, so to speak. Not quite to Emblem but close; she works in a shelter helping young women move on to better aspects of their life.

Conway Gentry has travelled far down the wrong path in life but he figures he’s got nothing to live for. After his girlfriend, Erin, died he decided he had nothing to live for so why not go wild right? When he runs unexpectedly into Roslyn he is hit with a blast from the past. They grow closer and closer and he has to decide if he’s ok with moving on or if he still thinks he has to be unhappy.

My Thoughts
I’ve read all of the Gentry Boys books and I could not wait for this one to come out. Cora Brent has this way of capturing the intensity between a couple; Roslyn & Conway have a history that makes it highly unlikely they would ever entertain the idea of them being a couple, and she manages that very well. She shows the drama, the chemistry, the feelings and emotions developing over time. It’s a fast paced book but that takes nothing away from the storyline.

You meet all the other Gentry brothers & cousins in this book and it’s nice to revisit them, if you have read the previous books. However, you do not NEED to read those in order to follow the story line within this one. The author put in a few places where one of the two main characters reminisces about the past. The pain that both of these individuals experienced when they were in school is heartbreaking. It made my heart so sad to read the pain they go through, but I love how they work through their history together. I was glad the way the book ended but I am hoping (and wishing and praying?) that there ends up being more Gentry boys books.

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