I want my own Alpha Geek ;)

Alpha Geek by Milly Taiden Rating: 4 Stars Length: 130 pages Genre: Romance Brief Synopsis Scarlett Milan is a lioness shifter who has her eye on her boss. He's the perfect amount of geek and good looks – and just the sight of him is enough to make her hot. There's only one problem –... Continue Reading →


Thin Line between Love and Hate – Frozen by L.A. Casey

Frozen by L.A. Casey Rating: 4.5 Stars Length: 274 pages Genre: Romance Brief Synopsis The Clarke and the Hart families have been best friends for generations with Darcy Hart & Neala Clarke being the only exceptions. Neala & Darcy were best friends from the time they were born until they were 10 years old. A... Continue Reading →

Bad Boys are Better ;)

Dirty Dom by Willow Winters Valetti Family Crime Series Book1 Rating: 4 Stars Length: 178 Pages Genre: Romance Brief Synopsis Rebecca 'Becca' Harrison isn't happy when she gets the phone call that she is on the line for her husband's debt. She has a 3 year old, Jax, and she doesn't want him affected by... Continue Reading →

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